Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities


(Statistical data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine for 2016 is used)

Type of economic activity "Water supply; Sewage, waste management "includes handling activities (including harvesting, processing and placement) with any waste such as solid or non-solid industrial and domestic waste as well as the clearance of contaminated sites. The results of the process of treatment of waste and sewage can be their placement or use as raw material for other production processes. Activities related to water supply are also included in this type of activity.

The volume of sold products (goods, services) by enterprises of this type of economic activity - 19.1 billion UAH (1.1% of the total volume of industrial products sold). Of this volume, 41.8% falls on the fence, cleaning and supply of water.

The average monthly salary in this type of economic activity in December 2016 is 4624 UAH, which is one of the two lowest salary indices in the Ukrainian industry (even lower in the textile industry - 4613 UAH). Compared with industry, the average monthly wage in this type of economic activity is 35.5% lower and 28.6% lower than the average wage in Ukraine.