Financial and insurance activities


(Statistical data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine for 2016 is used)

The type of economic activity "Financial and insurance activities" includes the provision of financial services, including Insurance, reinsurance and activity of pension funds, as well as providing auxiliary financial services. This activity also includes the activities of asset holders, such as holding companies and trusts, funds and other similar financial entities.

In this type of economic activity, 4.1 thsd active enterprises of Ukraine (0.7% of the total number of active enterprises) are employed. More than half of active enterprises of this type of economic activity are concentrated in the city of Kiev - 2368 enterprises (57.2%), followed by Dnipropetrovsk region - 259 enterprises (6.3%) and Kharkiv region - 230 enterprises (5.6%).

The volume of sales of goods (goods, services) by enterprises of this type of economic activity is UAH 57.5 billion (0.9% of the total volume of sales of goods, services).

The employed population in enterprises with a type of economic activity "Financial and insurance activity" amounted to 225.6 thousand people (1.4% of the total employment of the country). The need for employers in workers according to the data of the state employment service at the end of 2016 amounted to 0.5 thousand people. In 2016, out of the total number of registered unemployed, 4,300 people were employed in this type of economic activity. It is 2,6% higher than in the previous year and accounts for 1,1% of the total number of the employed unemployed.

The average monthly wage in this type of economic activity for 2016 is UAH 10,227, which is 97.3% higher than in the economy as a whole. Employees of financial and insurance activities were traditionally the most paid in the country in 2016 together with aviation transport, information and telecommunications, professional, scientific and technical activities, and among industrial activities - working in enterprises producing basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceuticals, extractive Industry and career development: wages in these types of activities exceeded the average economy by 1.4-4.8 times. However, in the gender aspect, women's wages in financial and insurance activities are 33% lower than men.