(Statistical data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine for 2016 is used)

Kind of economic activity "Education" includes state and private education of any level and training of any profession, full-time or part-time, as well as on radio and television, via the Internet and by mail.

This kind of economic activity also includes education provided by various institutions within the school system of education at all its levels, as well as adult education, illiteracy programs, etc., military lyceums and academies, prisons, etc. The appropriate level. This type also includes training stakeholders mainly for sports and entertainment purposes, as well as educational support activities.

In this type of economic activity 40.7 thousand active enterprises of Ukraine (6.7% of the total number of active enterprises) are employed. The largest number of active enterprises is concentrated in the Donetsk region - 2672 enterprises (6.6% of the number of active enterprises of Ukraine of this kind of economic activity), the smallest number - in Chernivtsi region - 877 enterprises (2.2%).

The volume of sales of goods (goods, services) by enterprises of this type of economic activity is UAH 2.3 billion (0.04% of the total volume of sales of goods, services).

 The employed population in education was 1441.4 thousand people (8.9% of the total employment of the country). The need for employers in workers according to the data of the state employment service at the end of 2016 amounted to 2 thousand people. In 2016, 26.8 thousand people were employed in this type of economic activity from the total number of registered unemployed. It is 1.4% lower than the previous year and makes 6.6% of the total number of the employed unemployed.

The average monthly wage in this type of economic activity for 2016 is UAH 3769, which is 27.3% lower than in the economy as a whole. In the field of education, traditionally, the percentage of working women far exceeds the percentage of working men, however, women receive wages by 6.3% lower than men.