(Statistical data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine for 2016 is used)

The type of economic activity "Construction" covers general and specialized work on the construction of buildings and structures. This activity includes new construction, repair work, expansion and reconstruction, construction of prefabricated buildings at the site of work, as well as the construction of temporary facilities. General construction includes the construction of integral residential complexes, office buildings, shops and other public and communal or agricultural buildings, etc., engineering structures such as roads, streets, bridges, tunnels, railways, airfields, ports and other water facilities, irrigation systems , Sewage, industrial facilities, pipelines and power lines, sports complexes, etc.

In this type of economic activity, 25.4 thousand active enterprises of Ukraine are employed (4.2% of the total number of active enterprises). The leader in the number of active enterprises is Kyiv (27.9% of the number of active enterprises of this type of economic activity), followed by Kyiv (7.9%), Dnipropetrovsk (7.6%) and Odesa (6.6%) of the oblast .

The volume of sold products (goods, services) by enterprises of this type of economic activity - 168.3 billion UAH (2.7% of the total volume of sales). The volume of executed construction robots - 73.7 billion UAH. The largest volume of executed works by types of construction products accounts for engineering structures (48.3%).

The employed population in construction amounted to 644.5 thousand people (4% of the total employment of the country). The need for employers in employees according to the data of the state employment service at the end of 2016 amounted to 1,800 people. In 2016, out of the total number of registered unemployed, 12 thousand people were employed in this type of economic activity. It is 1.6% lower than the previous year and makes 2.9% of the total number of employed unemployed. Construction is one of the most common types of activity of the informally employed population (15.5%).

The average monthly wage in this type of economic activity for 2016 is 4731 UAH, which is 8.7% lower than in the economy as a whole. Women receive wages 8.5% lower than men.