The Institute of Professional Qualifications presents a new project "Qualification Map of Ukraine".


The Institute of Professional Qualifications from October 1, 2017 presents a new project "Qualification Map of Ukraine". The project concerns the analysis of the current state of labor resources of Ukraine, the forecast of their development.
The qualification map of Ukraine aims at maximally comprehensive analysis of available labor resources (students of educational institutions, unemployed people, working people, unemployed) and building a model for their development in the context of the regions.
The following data will be presented for each region of Ukraine:
· The size of the existing population of the region by gender and place of settlement;
· Sex-age indicators of the population of the region;
· Number of educational institutions (universities and vocational schools), their licensed volumes;
· Training in areas and training in occupations;
· Available vacancies in the area.
The unique and patented software product underlying the "Qualification Map of Ukraine" uses only the information available in official sources and aims at the formation of the most adequate indicators of the formation of the labor potential of the oblasts and of Ukraine as a whole.
The data and conclusions presented on the "Qualification Map of Ukraine" can be used by a wide range of interested persons, in particular, when preparing indicators of a regional order for training of workers, professional orientation, career development planning.